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We're Ready; Are You?

We're Ready; Are You?

First things first: our 20th newsletter is filled not with COVID-19 complaints, but mountains of awesome. We say enough of the fear; enough of the uncertainty; let’s have some color; let’s have some curiosity, and celebrate human creativity: let’s celebrate video games!

Resolutiion will be available to buy on May 28th for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. Yes, you read that right: you are the first to hear about our game coming to the beautiful Switch console, and holy paper, are we excited.

As kids of the 80s, the monochrome Gameboy and the SuperNES carved our perception of what video games are, forever. And now our endeavor ships on Nintendo’s latest toy in just a few short weeks.

This is great.
This is madness.

To be truthful, we hit our final gold-build in early March. Though Resolutiion had by then become the game we’d envisioned it to be, publishing on a console required plenty of paperwork, licenses, age ratings, and such like. It was as tedious and time-bending as it sounds, but our publisher Deck13 helped out with most of it.

No time to waste

To stay busy, we did what every responsible developer would do with additional time while waiting for that submission to clear: we partied hard, ran naked through the streets, and ordered custom sex toys on the internet. Also, we started working on Resolutiion’s first content update, codename, “The Red Plains.”

Without spoiling too much, this area is a biome-extension to appear very late in the story, where our hero’s capabilities are tested once more before the finale: floating platforms, cables, corruption, and shadows; all mixed with new enemies and familiar friends.

Give me color

Now, we’ve talked a bit about Resolutiion’s accompanying art book in previous newsletters and on Twitter. At almost 280 pages, it’s become something closer to an ambitious guidebook of trials and tribulations and will be part of the game’s special edition on Steam. But since we value our loyal subscribers —hear, hear— we’ve put together an exclusive/extensive preview of Polychromatic for you to download and get in the mood.


Where it all starts

Wait, there’s more exciting news: Resolutiion will join the Good Old Games halls of fame as the first title developed with the Godot engine. While they are picky with the games they add to their roster, who’d argue with a mad ladybug? We accepted their invitation and passed the QA with fireworks of vibrant pixels.

There’s even a small extra for everybody supporting DRM free games: on GOG you can pick up the remastered soundtrack of The Last Website (GOG or Bandcamp) by Nathan Chapman, which tells the origins of Resolutiion and Alibi(i) through eight mesmerizing tracks.

Read on

Following our newsletter’s tradition, we have some final reading recommendations for you: we collected some of our most crucial learnings on indie game development into this Gamasutra post. Headlines include, “Never Walk Alone” and “Kill Your Babies.”


Additionally, we were interviewed by Use a Potion magazine and Indiegraze. Both turned out to be fun yet demanding, as we tried to steer the conversation away from Hyper Light Drifter 2

On a closing note, this is the last newsletter we’ll release before you can play Resolutiion. If you can help us out by DNS-attacking those like-buttons or steering up a social media riot, Alibii would appreciate it a lot, and maybe not delete you from the Red Code.

Cut off those hands.
Stop breathing.
Take care.