Monolith of Minds

Through the Flesh

Through the Flesh

The Divide

There’s this thin line running through our species, and each side of it wants to be the better half. The right one. The one that defines where we are heading.

Maybe there’s more than one way ... but perhaps we don’t have the strength to walk them all.


Technology divides humanity. Those with the capability to work bronze outclassed those with stones. The ability to melt iron from rocks was superior still. And refining Link Fluid — well, that exceeded everything.

The advancements in human enhancing technology rapidly progressed into every area of civilized life, and it took its toll. With natural selection and the illusion of fair evolution disintegrating, society began to fall apart.

Bankers hit harder. Athletes thought deeper. Bureaucrats ran faster. Those in power never slept

The fear of those who were left behind became known as “The Divide”. “The Divide” was also the line that separated those who ruled from those who were ruled. “The Divide” defined enemies on each of its sides.

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Through the Flesh

“You have most obviously found our kingdom in great hardship. A corruption has found its way into our midst and forced us into exile.”

Pacing progression in a video game is hard. We want our players to learn new mechanics step by step, explore the world at their own speed, and never drag out boring repetition; yet we also want to tell an exciting story. This month, as we returned once again to the Fallen City, we realized that as Resolutiion’s last major story arc, it had to increase in tension and momentum.

"The King’s generals headed out, searching for a cure to the curse. To the north, there is a bridge. Follow it into the Sea of Flesh."

Redundant hallways and optional fights were cut and trimmed away, revealing a tighter, more visceral experience. Brutal encounters alternate with lore-packed spaces, as we track the missing king through a corrupted landscape all the way to the source of the flesh.

“Curse the flesh, praise the machine. Oh, help us now, almighty paper.”

Animating all those gore-patches by hand would have been hellish. So Richi checked the indie game developer’s toolbox for some handy shortcuts:

“With Godot 3.1 finally out, we took some time to dive a bit deeper into its updated features. The gorey elements of the Fallen City were screaming for some animated grossness, so the new 2D-polygon-deformation tools came in handy. The setup is pretty simple and the results were fully approved by the Fallen King.”

“If you are developing something with Godot yourself, Nathan from GDQuest recently made some nice tutorials on the topic: Skeleton2D and Bone2D Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2.”

Deep in the bones of the city, we will meet the Flesh Giant. Did it swallow the king? Must we fight this abomination?


But we have another riddle:

“Good evening, fellow Wanderer. Sit by the fire, grab a drink.
The story is prepared. We’ll make a great team.
So, who do you want to be? What role do you play today?
I could never decide myself. Lucky me, to run the show this time.
Pick a D12 and a D6. Let’s figure out your stamina.”

Looking Up

In early April, our engine’s developer, Godot, published its 2019 show reel, including a few short seconds of Resolutiion — the first footage of the game in action.

While we are still a couple of weeks away from a proper, official teaser/trailer, it felt great to show the world where we are heading. Plenty of encouragement, feedback and love from you guys out there. We appreciate it, thank you.

If you haven’t seen the full clip we pitched to Godot, here’s a link to 14 seconds of Resolutiion’s alpha gameplay: