Monolith of Minds

This Thing is Real

This Thing is Real

Cloud City

Craving for the giant's attention, the ordinary citizen tramples on the shoulders of his brother, as the nobles laugh and feast in their distant safety — how good our technological transcendence tastes.

—Vorty, the Fallen King

In the days after the war, the newly established Infinite Empire built their towers higher and higher above the scorched earth, eventually lifting them completely off the ground.

Despite early failures as prototypes crashed back to earth, the Infinite Empire was determined to escape the wasteland of the surface and fueled the necessary technological evolution to ascend into the heavens, creating a nation in the sky that came to be called the Cloud Cities.

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This Thing is Real

Coming down from these idealistic heights, the ground becomes clearer, more real. Resolutiion is no longer a distant dream imagined by two brothers with no experience, but an ambitious video-game with tangible scope and perspective.

How did we get here?

As of January 2018, we have completed a foundation of the world-map, connecting all plains and dungeons into a whole. For the first time since 2015, a player can start the game and walk through every area until the credits roll. This leaves us with a canvas to add strokes and life.

Traversing this world, from the narrow tunnels of Sunken City to the complex platforms of The Stadium, required us to optimize the collision system, enabling our hero to climb ladders and vines.

To root ourselves on the ground, that we might reach our lofty objectives without drifting away, we finally set up Monolith of Minds as a fully operational company. We are now able to update our website and bring you this first Resolutiion newsletter. We'll try to keep it short and valuable.

Looking Up

Not far from 2017, we still remember our New Year's goals: less sugar, regular sports, more video games.

Günther finished Hollow Knight, wondering how only three humans could have build such a sophisticated game, with up to 15 layers of parallax-backgrounds.

Richi lead Mae through A Night in the Woods, shedding one or two very-manly tears.

Declarations of: “Wow, we can really do that!” alternated with: “No way, everybody is better than us,” for the last eight weeks. There are no best practices – everything needs to be learned from scratch. Creating our first video-game is proving to be an intimidating behemoth intent on steamrolling our souls. We cannot simply rely on the 'best practices' defined by the industry; everything needs to be learned from scratch.

Our fears fade in the realization that we have the rare opportunity to collaborate on the highest form of art. Video games fuse visuals, music, soundscapes, story-telling, logic, puzzles, emotions and tangible depth like no other medium. Taking on this challenge, we are resolved to make the best damn game we can.

Thanks for supporting us along the way.
Checking back in late March.