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Screw It, Meet the Bosses

Screw It, Meet the Bosses


Regulating dopamine, and pumping ever more serotonin into your brain, isn’t going to give you all the answers to life and death.

—Forsaken memory

Access to advanced augmentation and Link Fluid was reserved for The Empire’s elite, further widening the gulf between those machine-humans and lesser fortunate mortals. This increasing disparity advanced so quickly, and so naturally, that a counterweight soon emerged in the global society. The Tribes: clusters of state, and technology defying pariahs.

In search of alternative means of being, these groups adopted various philosophies and lifestyles excavated from the fragments of history that endured. Spiritual practices, cults, and old Gods were mixed in a melting pot of existential anarchy.

As more and more abandoned the struggle to reach technological Elysium, everyone could find welcome in one tribal manifestation or another. Without exception, the Tribes regarded laissez-faire principles, and harmony with nature, as the answer to humanity’s crisis.

In a final attempt to break free from the Infinite Empire’s agenda of the greater good, many Tribes turned to the worship of the Red Code. In doing so, they became the disciples and protectors of the Gods in the Cradles.

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Screw It, Meet the Bosses

Once again, we spent a full month working on Resolutiion’s boss fights. Once again, I’m tasked with writing an interesting newsletter — without spoiling anything. Once again, this might be a newsletter with plenty of words, talking around the fun stuff …

Screw it. Meet the bosses:

Halo, Mutant King, Blue, Marty and her Phantom … these are the monstrosities that you will have to pound into the dust as you battle your way through Resoloutiion. We ended up creating six bosses and seven mini-bosses, exploring a broad range of encounters through size, attack patterns, and lore. Let’s have a closer look at some.

At the end of the Desert of Giants, we find the first Cradle — a massive structure, punching a hole into reality. But you are not allowed to enter, yet: The Cradle Watcher stays true to her name, and blocks the entrance with her oversized sword.

So wait: a girl with a big knife? That would be too boring, right?

From the Red Code, a mysterious entity appears, taking over the Watcher’s body and rage: Green, the spirit of wisdom. United, they attack.

Far, far away from the desert, a king is missing. His three Generals set out to rescue their ruler. But the corruption of the flesh is too strong and they turn mad.

In the Sea of Flesh, we meet the Smith, hurling exploding barrels at us; the Wizard, transforming into a baby griffon; and the Cleric, summoning the local population of mutants. Each will try to rip the precious augmentations from what remains of Valor’s body.

While all bosses had been stitched together and placed in Resolutiion’s world, few felt like the dramatic highlights we wanted them to be. And let’s be honest: we play action games because we want to experience these amazing boss fights. The bigger the better.

So throughout May, we polished sprite sheets, reworked attack patterns and wrote new intros and cut scenes. Designing “God’s Dead Eye” has been as much fun as it sounds.

Some sound advice:

“If I sweep the world with another flood, how will you learn from your mistakes?
And how shall my flood reach up to the damn Cloud Cities?”

All these details greatly improve the player's experience, but from a development perspective, boss fights are tiring. Everything a game has to offer will find its way into these confrontations. Be it movement, items, sound design or lore — everything must work in harmony, offering a solid challenge without overwhelming players... too much.

Looking Up

We would love to complain a bit more about how hard a game developer's life is. But for us, it’s probably the best one we can think of right now. Things get more exciting each and every day, as we move closer to the beta build of Resolutiion.

Thanks for following us, and see you next month.

PS: Did you know that you can access all previous newsletters, to read up on how far we’ve come since the first was published in February 2018? Just increase the trailing number to 002, 003, and so on, until you reach 014 for this one.

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