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Resolutiion is Out!

Resolutiion is Out!

Hey lovely sailors on the exhaust of the rainbow-ark, this one will be brief.

This is the singularity: Resolutiion is out today, right now!

Get it on Steam, Good Old Games, or Nintendo Switch.

Go now, grab a copy, follow Alibii, smash those crates, dig for the Cradle, fight mutant monks, hold your breath, dance with jesters, ride Bolshie, and get lost in the Red Code.

If you’re feeling extra generous on such a mad and beautiful day, help us out a little more with a short review or some social media love, everything helps!


We want to put out this sincere, heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to everybody who follows along via this newsletter.

Throughout these past five years as we’ve worked on Resolutiion, you’ve been the silent, stable backbone of our communication channels. You made us write a few words every month, forcing us to reflect on every step and decision we made along the way — and that was far more valuable than all the characters on Twitter combined.

Thank you!

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