Monolith of Minds

Gathering Above the Sunken City

Gathering Above the Sunken City


Our network grows underground like a fungus; an infernal machine. When it reaches the surface it will erupt, drowning the old world in a cloud of life and possibility.


The mystery of the Cradles divide humanity; giving hope to some, terror to others. Cloaked in religious conspiracy, the Cradles spark rebellion against the Empire who deny their existence.

Built before the War of the Five, the megalithic machines promise immortality for a single human. It is said that the architect of the prototype imprisoned his own daughter within as a test subject, trapping her in eternal life.

Such an immortal martyr has bred an infectious faith within outcasts and the weak, but none match the zealotry of the Tribes; superstitious militia cults who worship the Cradles and guard them with their lives.

This may be just another story to console the hopeless, but what we don't know about the Cradles, could threaten the very foundations of our Empire, making it not as infinite as we want it to be.

Views from the Monolith 002

Gathering Above the Sunken City

Every couple of months, the team slows down. No new features, no side-missions. We regroup. Focus on a clearly defined part of Resolutiion’s world. We call those events, “Gatherings”.

March hosted the first Gathering. The second arc in the game is a complicated stretch with multiple scene-changes, that we decided to improve and polish: from the Divided Sea to the Sunken City.

During the war, enemies drained and flooded vast regions, no matter the cost. We wanted to capture the destruction of those drowned cities as well as new life emerging atop the floating debris. Therefore we crafted dozens of new spritesheets, giving us plants, overgrown crates, rusty bars and abandoned anchors to fill each level with.

Scaling half-submerged skyscrapers and stranded oil-tankers, the level transitions between the the twinkling surface and the ocean floor multiple times. To keep the world interconnected, we had to rearrange and extend the level-geometry, resulting in a much smoother pacing between exploration and action sequences.

The combat turned out to be more frantic than anticipated:

The dead and forsaken crawl to the magenta-light — they are many, and they are fast.

Looking Up

We pride ourselves a little in creating most of Resolutiion on Linux, purely on an open-source software-stack. When we got the chance to write about it on, we didn’t expect a lot of return. However, many new Twitter-followers, plenty of newsletter-subscriptions and positive comments later, we learned better. Thanks again to the GoL-community for their warm welcome.

On a final note: A sketch turned to ink; the very first Resolutiion-tattoo emerged on someone’s ankle — based on a concept piece by Jo, this individual went through significant pain to honor the artist’s commitment.

So who’s next?