Monolith of Minds

A Toolbox Full of Magic

A Toolbox Full of Magic

People’s Power

It’s like ripe fruit — eat what and while you can. I tried to get close to him, but the killing, it's messed us all up. Everybody’s in, so better to hold tight and hope for an exit down the ride. He didn’t make it and now I’m alone. Rotten.

With the installment of the first global government, the idea of any foreign threat evaporated. The military became obsolete as such and merged with the local police-forces. After 45 years of destruction, every hand was required to sort through the debris and order society again. Having survived, former soldiers gladly took every opportunity to employ their coordinated strength, endurance, and obedience to restoring civilization — the People’s Power.

But power corrupts from the head downwards and the governing hierarchies tightened. A multitude of regulations and laws were mandated to the Empire's new citizens, all enforced by dispossessed soldiers whose sense of justice was dictated by the merciless terms of warfare. Devoid of external threat, their vindictive natures turned inward upon the populace they were supposed to protect; everybody became the enemy.

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A Toolbox full of Magic

Can you imagine playing Zelda without the Boomerang? Or Metroid without the Space Jump? Collectible items are the pillars on which those classic games were built. They connect the lore of the environment to the mechanics of gameplay, which in turn structures the player's progression through the world.

Opening the blue door with the blue key is boring. The most interesting items are the multi-purpose ones: Link takes the Hookshot over a chasm and stuns his foes on the other side with no need to open a menu.

During July we wanted to get the same interactive layering into Resolutiion’s item-pool. We created 12 unique tools — some weapons, some passive abilities. All have an impact on movement, fighting or accessing new areas. The “Chromatic Aberration” lets us build bridges:

While the “Calmer” delivers mayhem:

But creating those tools as extended player-actions was just one part of the job: each needed an icon, description and a good place in the world. Finding a key-item should feel rewarding and properly tied to the story.

“Extensive augmentation of the Infinite Empire’s specialists increases neuronal processing, reaction times and movement speed. Stabilizing drugs are therefore injected in the neck.”

Looking Up

Six months have passed since I went from a regular job to working on Resolutiion full-time, all the time. I make up the game’s characters and story, draw pixel-assets, coordinate the team and write up this newsletter every four weeks since February. Without getting into a detailed analysis, those have easily been the best six months of my life. But I need a break.

By the time you read this newsletter, I’ll be somewhere in Greenland, hiking, watching glaciers or running from polar bears. If they don’t catch me, I shall be back in mid-August with more pixel-work and tales from the future.

Meanwhile, poor Richi stays back in sweltering Germany to port Resolutiion into Godot 3.0.

See ya!